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Number of Players: 3-6

Playing Time: 30-40 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 21+

Weed-oploy is the board game where you tractor through the marijuana farm and try to reach End At Stoned first. Succeed and you become the head weedopolist.

Players role a 6 sided die to move around the board. Spaces have isntructions for players to follow. Other players will try to slow you down with "Take-a-Hit" cards. But the "Bad Brownie" cards will give you the opportunity to drive ahead. The "Take a Hit" cards will ask you to "Name at least 5 slang words for Marijuana" or successfully perform tongue twisters. "Bad Brownie" cards come in three categories: SOLO, DUET and ALL PLAY. Some of the challenges include: DUET: "You are staying up late, name places that are open 24 hours a day, compete with another player to name the most". SOLO: "Exercise isn't your thing, name 8 things that inflate". ALL PLAY: "You have the munchies, name types of pies, last player to name one moves up 3 spaces."

To win you will need a few baggies of luck and the ability to answer category questions mistakes. The winner is declared the Head Weedopolist and is entitled to all the rights and privileges it implies.