Store Policies / Buying Cards

 Returns & Exchanges

All sales are final on memorabilia, sealed products, single cards and discounted products

Exchange is available for clothing within 2 weeks of purchase.

We DO NOT accept returns on any of the following

  • Autographed Memorabilia
  • Trading card singles
  • Sealed Trading Card Game products
  • Sealed Sports trading card products.
  • Clothing with no tags 

 * No Exceptions Made.

Price Matching

We do not Price Match

Buying Cards (Langley only)

We reserve the right to not buy your cards if we deem them to be Damaged or Fake, if you are abusive and/or are forceful about it. We do not buy cards in the last hour of the day. 

Pokemon / Yu-Gi-Oh / Magic: The Gathering

What do you buy?

We buy cards with a value of $5 or more, all cards must be in excellent condition, we will not buy damaged or fake cards. We do not buy basic land for Magic the Gathering or Basic pokemon energy.

What do I need to sell to you? 

You will need a valid picture ID to sell anything to us. If you do not have or are not old enough to have valid ID you will need to be accompanied by an adult or someone with ID. No Exceptions Made. 

Do you buy bulk? 

Yes, we buy bulk cards by the inch. This is done by stacking your cards up, measuring them and we pay you for the total amount of inches you have. We pay $1 per inch of bulk cards.

What do you pay? 

For cards worth $5 or more we pay 40% cash or give you 50% for in-store credit. In-Store credit can be used for other Single  cards or trading card supplies (ex. Sleeves, binders, deck boxes) If you wish to trade for Sealed products, you will be required to take the 40% cash value. 

Vintage cards can be negotiated based on what current market value/current completed sales on the item are. 

Do you buy graded cards? 

Yes, this is case by case based. 

Sports Cards

Sports cards can only be sold in the Langley location. If you wish to sell us your cards/Collection you will need to set up a meeting time. There isn’t always someone in the store that is able to buy sports cards. We are not currently buying cards from the late 80's or 90's at all. If you have older cards or something that you think is cool or unique that you want to sell, give us a call at 604-530-5507. 

Due to the nature of the card market, Sports cards are bought based on current market value.  There is no set rate at this time for sports cards.

Selling Memorabilia

Yes, we do buy Sports Memorabilia. Whether you are looking to sell 1 item or your whole collection we are always buying. We are currently only buying in our Langley Location and you will need to set up a meeting time, you can do this by phoning the Langley store  604-530-5507. You are encouraged to send us photos of your items over email to 

We do not buy Autographed Memorabilia without a reputable Certificate of Authenticity.