Tribe 8 Word From The North

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A traveler returns with tales of horror and death, and a place called Capal that lingers on the border between life and death. A fortress of the Z'bri, Capal bubbles with the burning hatred the demons hold for humanity and the Tribes. A Book of Legends, Word From the North holds secrets that have been buried since the Time of the Camps, forbidden knowledge which may forever change the face of the Nation...

Word from the North is a 64-page Book of Legend consisting of a series of adventures to be played by a gaming group. The book contains a set of stories for Capal, City of Hate, and a complete set of resources for including the characters and settings in your own campaign.

The book features:

  • More of the ongoing saga of the Fallen;
  • New locations and fortresses to explore and conquer;
  • Numerous Non-Player Characters to add to your cycle;
  • Expanded details for the novice Weaver;
  • And much more!