Tribe 8 Trial By Fire

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An assault on the Fatima Agnes leads Tera Sheba and Joan to decide to put the Fallen in their place once and for all, and they call a great trial. Joanite warriors and Terasheban inquisitors raid Hom and capture many of the luminaries of the Fallen, bringing them to face charges before the council of the Seven Sisters. Some will be destroyed and others will defend themselves well... Do the Players have the strength to finally prove the honor of the Fallen?

Trial by Fire is a 112-page Campaign book consisting of a series of adventures to be played by a gaming group. It is the second part of the Children of Prophecy cycle.

The book features:

  • Four complete quests and side scenarios;
  • A new Z'bri conspiracy;
  • Expanded details for the novice Weaver;
  • Six new groups who will affect the future of Vimary;
  • Numerous Non-Player Characters to add to your cycle;
  • And much more!