Touched By The Gods A Sourcebook Of Cults And Cabals

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Fifteen Cults, Churches and Cabals for the D20 System!

Even in a world overflowing with magic, the mark of the gods is unmistakable. Some mortals actively curry the gods' favor, serving their high ideals or executing their blasphemous designs. Others are random victims or beneficiaries of divine attention. Those whom the gods have touched may be inspired, blessed, cursed -- the saint and the prophet, the genius and the madman, sometimes one and the same person.

Touched by the Gods is a D20 roleplaying supplement that can enhance any fantasy campaign. It is filled with information on religious and secular orders, and the deities lurking behind them. This hardcover book contains the following:
* In-depth background on more than a dozen religious cults, secret societies, and strange cabals. Included are initiation rites and adventure seeds designed to let Game Moderators introduce whichever mysteries of the occult they like into their own campaign world.
* A litany of new gods and the NPCs who would grasp their power, holy weapons, clerical domains, spells, feats and prestige classes, special attacks and abilities, fearsome monsters, creature templates, magical and cursed items, and the clandestine rituals that grant mere mortals a small taste of godhood.
* Words straight from the mouths of the prophets, lending an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder to this latest tome in the ground-breaking Penumbra line of D20 System adventures and sourcebooks!