Torg The Forever City

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It is the time of the Possibility Wars. Fierce reality storms wrack the Earth, hurtling contradictory realities against each other in a maelstrom of destruction. In the wake of these devastating storms, the Storm Knights are born  to fight the High Lords, and to gather the relics of power that will drive the invaders off our world.

It is the city of legend. The final resting place of the fabled Possibility Chalice and the end of the Storm Knights' journey. Their adventure has carried them across endless miles and brought them into conflict with the forces of four different High Lords. With the Possibility Chalice in their possession and the Destiny Map to show them the way, the Storm Knights are bound for the mysterious Forever City.

But with the end so near, the High Lords have stepped up their efforts to stop the Storm Knights and capture the relics for themselves. The heroes find themselves pitted against deadly cyber-knights, walking gods from the Nile Empire, and a hideous agent of the fifth – and perhaps most dangerous – realm to enter the chase.

Framed against a backdrop of intrigue and suspense, the Storm Knights make their way across Europe to reach the towering snowcap peaks of the Himalayas for the stunning climax to the Relics of Power Trilogy.