Torg: The Destiny Map



In the Near Now, Earth has been invaded by raiders from other dimensions. These armies of evil bring with them their own realities, different from our own, turning portions of the Earth into someplace else. In these days of war, only you – the Storm Knights – can withstand the changing laws of nature. Only you can experience the adventure...

It starts in the Living Land, that portion of the United States now claimed by the primitive reality of Baruk Kaah. Here, a group of Storm Knights makes an important discovery. They find a piece of an ancient map that hints of relics from another age. Relics of great power.

From the Living Land to exotic Core Earth locales, the Storm Knights go in search of the missing parts of the map. When the pieces are all together, the map should reveal the location of the relics of power. Power that could, quite possibly, alter the outcome of the invasion.

But there are others on the trail as well, agents of evil who seek the relics of power for themselves. Nile Imperials, Nippon Tech Yakuza, Edeinos warriors, and others stand in the Storm Knights' path, vying for the secrets of the Destiny Map!

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