Torg: Aysle



The Sourcebook of Magical Reality for the Torg Roleplaying Game

A magical land of wonder and dark sorcery on planet Earth...

The Possibility Wars rage across Earth in the Near Now of history, creating new realities that change portions of the world into someplace else.

Now Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway have come under the influence of Aysle, a realm of fantasy that is split between the forces of light and darkness. Leading the side of light is Pella Ardinay, Lady of the Houses. Her opponent is the evil Uthorion, lord of all things dark and dangerous. Both claim the powers of High Lord of the reality - both are slaves to the power of the Darkness Device.

Aysle is a patchwork realm of good and evil where magic is commonplace and fantastic creatures are plentiful. Now elemental dragons fly through the skies over Belfast; hulking trolls lead street gangs in Oslo; mysterious elves practice arcane arts in Stockholm; and pragmatic dwarves work on the London Stock Exchange.

Can Europe survive this maddening mix of technology and magic? Can the heroes known as Storm Knights stop Uthorion from carrying out his nightmarish plans?

The Aysle Sourcebook is part of Torg, an epic game of adventure, magic and altered reality. This volume describes the magical reality of Aysle, the realm of dark fantasy and high sorcery split between two powerful beings - Lord Uthorion of the Dark and Lady Pella Ardinay of the Light. It features source material on the patchwork realm, its effects on Core Earth, and a detailed look at the fantasy homeworld. Included is gamemaster material on character creation, religion and miracles, magic and spell creation, world laws, a host of creatures, and more.

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