The Mystic World

  • Bring magic into your Champions game with The Mystic World, a sourcebook describing mystic characters, villains and powers in the Champions Universe. Great evils lurk in the shadows of the Mystic World, and it's up to your heroes to stop them!

    The Mystic World includes:

    - a description of the Multiverse, ranging from dimensions near to Earth (such as the Astral Plane, Faerie, and Babylon) to the bizarre Brialic and Atziluthic realms of concept, form, and thought - with dozens of example dimensions for yout mystic heroes to visit!

    - a who's who in the Mystic World of the Champions Universe, from gods and beings of great arcane power to mystic superheroes and villains. Who among them shall become the fabled Archmage, protector of Earth?

    - three mystic master villains of awesome power - Skarn the Shaper, Tyrannon the Conqueror, and the Dragon - and their underlings and resources

    Filled with ideas for mystic characters, adventures on Earth and in other planes, and resources for platers and GMs alike, The Mystic World will bring new dimensions to you Champions game!


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