The Dark Eye The Secret Of The Blue Tower And Witching Hours

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Witching Hour and Secrets of the Blue Tower are two brilliant introductory adventures for players new to The Dark Eye and its world, Aventuria. Both adventures have been playtested at conventions for years in the original German, and now they bring The Dark Eye to the American gaming table.

In Secrets of the Blue Tower , the heroes come into possession of a mysterious map, stolen recently from a temple to Hesinde. The map leads them to the town of Honeyngton , or rather to the strange tunnels and caverns beneath it, all stemming from the blue tower once owned by the magician Vasilos. Now abandoned, the heroes explore catacombs beneath a city in search of a repository of ancient knowledge accumulated by the magician wily magician.

In Witching Hour, the heroes are drawn to the village of Millington, where for some months various hauntings have descended upon the villagers, driving them away from their homes. Some locals have vanished mysteriously, and those who remain are in a panic. What has caused these strange events, and can they be stopped? The heroes must investigate in this adventure of greed and deception.