Sword & Sorcery The Diamond Throne

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The mysterious alabasts, marooned on this world for centuries, hail from a dimension unimaginably distant and command powers few understand....Slassan are horrible amalgams of spider and serpent haunting the shadows-the legacy of a now-dead race that personified evil....The mage priest makes pacts with gods and demons, using their names to fuel his magic. This is the world of The Diamond Throne, a high-fantasy realm like no other. This is a land where giants rule, where the legacies of a shattered kingdom of evil are everywhere and magic can tame dragons with something as simple as a name.In this noble, giant-ruled land, explore the reaches of the Floating Forest. Discover the incomparable beauty of the magical Fields of Crystal. Learn the secret of the God-King of the verrik people. But beware the military might of the chorrim and the fiendish powers of the shadow trolls....Inside this exciting new setting and sourcebook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook you'll find:8 new prestige classes based on the Arcana Unearthed classes 12 new monsters A multitude of new magic items that build on the new feats and spells in Arcana Unearthed The basics of the Arcana Unearthed setting: the lands of the Diamond Throne This book provides fundamental gameplay support for the variant rules of Arcana Unearthed but can also be used with any d20 campaign.