Sword & Sorcery Skreyn's Register The Bonds Of Magic

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Chaz Zemir, dark elf master of interrogation and enslavement Handrath Blood-Eye, the half-fiend who summons his own brothers to die for him Though they may come from very different realms, these characters share one thing in common: supreme devotion to The Bonds of Magic.

25 New Spellcasters!

Each of these intriguing new wizards, sorcerers, clerics, rangers, paladins, druids, and bards comes complete with an illustration and full description. In addition, they all have a unique spell, magic item, or feat, plus rock-solid statistics that you can really rely on.

These personalities of all levels are ready to get in the game as enemies, allies, cohorts, or even player characters. And what's more, all these characters are Open Game Content!

Malhavoc Press is proud to present the work of the game designer Sean K Reynolds, coauthor of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting new edition and author of The Scarlet Brotherhood.