Sword & Sorcery Scarred Lands Gazetteer Termana

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The Far Lands

Distant from Ghelspad, Termana is the second major continent of the Scarred Lands™ to be described in Gazetteer format. Here, the wicked charduni dwarves challenge the forces of good, and exotic kingdoms rise and fall in the wake of the Divine War. The 48 page book includes a history of the continent, and the role it played in the struggle against the titans, information on its diverse kingdoms and cultures, and an overview of its many unique geographical features.

Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Termana provides sufficient information to either start a campaign or serve as an exotic homeland for characters and NPCs who travel elsewhere. Termana is an excellent change of pace for characters engaged in a Ghelspad-based campaign.

Includes full colour fold out map.