Sword & Sorcery Relics & Rituals Excalibur

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Draw the sword from the stone. Quest for the sacred relics of your faith. Defeat all comers in a tournament of arms. Slay giants and dragons. Command the sorcery of Merlin or Morgan le Fay. Forge your own Camelot — your own legend.

Relics & Rituals: Excalibur is a genre sourcebook, blending the trappings of Arthurian myth with the familiar ruleset of the d20 System. New spells, magic items, prestige classes and more can be used to build an entirely Arthurian-style campaign, or to add elements of chivalry and courtly romance to any existing d20 campaign. Recreate the legends of the Round Table, or populate your own Camelot with elven enchantresses, orcish black knights and more!