Sword & Sorcery Book Of Hallowed Might 2 Portents And Visions

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Those who serve the gods represent divine power in the mortal world. Theirs is a great responsibility, and an awesome might. This new sourcebook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook and popular d20 designer Mike Mearls introduces aspects of divine magic never before seen. Within its pages, you'll find:A New Pantheon of Gods: Use the six deities of the Celestial River pantheon alone or with your own campaign's gods.Rules for Visions, Omens, and Divinations: Send characters portents of things to come using these guidelines.New Hallowed Locales: From the remote Oracle of Jezer-At to Enderfel, city of deceit, adventure in five all-new sacred sites.And Much More! This book also contains the power of the Divine Voice, masterpiece weapons and armor, plus dozens of new spells, magic items, artifacts, prestige classes, characters, creatures, and feats for the divine spellcaster's arsenal.