Topps Star Wars Journey To Star Wars The Last Jedi Blaster Box

by Topps
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2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi trading cards set the stage for the eighth film in the sagas main timeline. While collectors can expect some early elements from The Last Jedi, the focus is more on putting together the puzzle of the many characters and events influencing the story. Base Set The characters arent the only thing that bring a sense of familiarity of 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi. Like 2015s Journey to The Force Awakens release, the base set draws from the original 1977 Topps Star Wars set and its blue starfield border. Cards are also printed on thick, vintage-style stock like the kind thats used in a lot of Topps Heritage products The complete base set has 110 cards. It covers many aspects of the franchise as well as offering an early look from The Last Jedi. Base cards have several parallels. Green Starfield are the most common, landing one per pack. Others include Black Starfield (1:2 packs) and Silver Starfield (1:4). Serial-numbered parallels only found in hobby packs are White Starfield (/199), Orange Starfield (/50), Gold Starfield (/25) and Imperial Red (1/1). Printing Plates are also randomly inserted. Autographs and Premium Inserts Signatures from more than 30 actors are slated to be on the checklist with much of that coming from those in The Force Awakens, which should carry over to The Last Jedi in many regards. Autograph parallels, which are noted by the outline around the character, come in Purple (/99), Orange (/25), Gold (/10), Printing Plates and Imperial Red (1/1). Gold and Red Autographs are only found in hobby packs. Multi-signed autographs come with two, three and six signatures. Plastic Emblem cards highlight both heroes and villains from the world of Star Wars. Numbered versions include Orange (/99), and hobby-exclusive Gold (/25) and Imperial Red (1/1). Sketch cards can also be found in 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi. These are character-based interpretations drawn on the cards themselves. Inserts 2017 Topps Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi has a handful of additional inserts. Like the autographs, Character Stickers have the familiar look of the original 1977 ones. Additional inserts include Darkness Rising, Character Cards, Blueprints and Illustrated Cards. Exclusive Adam Drive as Kylo Ren Autograph cards! Only at Wal-Mart!