Spycraft Modern Arms Guide

by AEG
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Raise your game to a higher caliber.

This essential Spycraft volume introduces hundreds of modern weapons options for the d20 System, bringing the pyrotechnic action of blockbuster movies right to your gaming table. Contained here is everything you need to requisition, modify, and use your favorite firearms, melee implements, tactical assets, and exotic martial arts tools, along with new combat rules for added excitement and realism.

  • The Ultimate Weapons Guide: Hundreds of cutting edge weapons detailed, with statistics for Spycraft and other d20 games.
  • Complete Gear Rules: Damage, repair, concealment, and field acquisition (even for items not available on the open market).
  • The Triggerman: Enter the world of Hong Kong two-gun action with this original prestige class.
  • New Combat Rules: A tactical initiative system that adds strategy to every move; dozens of weapon qualities to personalize every weapon; complete masterwork rules for modern weapons and gear; movement actions for every mode of firearms use; gunsmithing and weaponsmithing rules; and morale - all in one indispensable volume!