Spycraft Gentlemen's Agreement

by AEG
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"Care for a friendly wager?"

For years, wealth and power have been indelibly linked, and those who can buy and sell third world countries have guided history with a confident hand. Back room deals and secretive bargains have determined the fate of men and nations. Now, a gentlemen's agreement and a dangerous game of brinkmanship threaten to plunge the world into disaster. This book contains an entire season of play, with several missions taking your agents from the blinding snowfields of Siberia to the murky depths of the Pacific Ocean, and beyond.

  • Episodic Action: Play the missions independently or as a campaign. Run them together or drop them between other operations.
  • Incredible Flexibility: Statistics and DCs provided to challenge low, medium, and high-level teams.
  • Game Control Expansion: Rules for volcanic environments and new ways to use existing mechanics to fit your cinematic needs.