Shadowrun Year Of The Comet

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The Sky is Falling! The year 2061 marks the return of Halley?s Comet and the 50th anniversary of the Awakening--do you celebrate or run for cover? Each day brings a new surprise. Will you transform into a genetic changeling or fall prey to a doomsday cult? Will you be in Denver when the dragon runs amok or in Japan when the Ring of Fire deals death to the Empire? Will you fight toxic spirits in the Yucatán or run from the walking dead? Year of the Comet shakes and stirs the world of Shadowrun, describing a series of events around which gamemasters and players can build entire adventures and campaigns. It details a new dragon, new spirits, and new genetic expressions that can affect your character. Year of the Comet is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.