Silhouette Core Roleplaying Rules

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Version 003.1 

This 256-page hardcover manual contains the latest edition of the critically acclaimed Silhouette game rules. Use them to propel your adventures in the CORE Command universe -- or any setting in a wide variety of genres ranging from science-fiction, fantasy, anime, horror, modern age and more. It's an action-packed game in which you control bigger-than-life characters!

The Silhouette CORE rules drive all Dream Pod 9 roleplaying games:

  • CORE Command
  • Gear Krieg
  • Heavy Gear
  • Jovian Chronicles
  • Tribe 8
    and many more!

The book also contains Silhouette/d20 conversion rules, allowing you to benefit from the extensive d20-based library, and numerous additional examples and game tools.

A core game rulebook for players and Gamemasters alike;
Requires the use of six-sided dice (not included) and one of the Dream Pod 9 Player's Handbooks.
For two to six players, age 8 and older.