Vanguard Rampage Of The Beast Kings Booster

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There are a Total of 102 different cards (RRR x8, RR x12, R x22, C x60) + SP cards x12 (Parallel) Includes further support for Great Nature, Pale Moon, Dark Irregulars, Gold Paladin, Angel Feather and Oracle Think Tank. Initial productions of BT07, each box will come with a Deck Divider. Scheduled to be out on the 7th of July. This booster will feature the highest education institute of Planet Cray, the Great Nature University. This booster will feature units that Aichi and his team will face during the Asia Circuit, and more units with Limit Break will surface. Making a Great Nature deck is now possible as there are Triggers in this set. Thanks to Cardfight Wiki for the info!

30 Packs Per Box

5 Cards Per Pack