Privateer Press No Quarter Magazine

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No Quarter Prime is the most comprehensive and indispensable home for exclusive WARMACHINE and HORDES content. This ad-free, 112-page, bimonthly publication is jam-packed with game content you can put right on the table and rich lore that expands your knowledge of the Iron Kingdoms.

In each issue you will find:

• Robust theme force features, with theme force rules, the background and organization of these fighting forces, the introduction of new units and heroes, their weapons and equipment, alternate color schemes for thematic units, new scenarios, and hobby features.
• The Fire & the Forge, a feature dedicated to chronicling the epic WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas from the beginning, using both narrative and essay form to deliver a comprehensive overview of the world-changing events that shaped the Iron Kingdoms and beyond.
• After Action Report, in which the WARMACHINE and HORDES development team will share their thoughts and insights on updates and changes made to models in Community Integrated Development. After Action Report will also be the first place to see the final version of stats for select models after they have been tested in CID.
• Hostile Territory, a feature on the iconic geography and landmarks of Immoren. You’ll find in-depth information on each location, as well as a multiplayer scenario based on that location, a guide for making battlefield elements iconic of that location, and in-game rules for those elements.
• A new playable experience, ranging from all-new self-contained games you can play with your WARMACHINE and HORDES models to campaigns, expansion rules, and Iron Kingdoms RPG adventures.
• And so much more, including pages of all-new art, beautiful model and diorama photography, hobby and painting content, and more!