Midnight Steel And Shadow

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A sourcebook for warriors in the world of shadow

FFG continues its support of the award-winning world of Midnight in this second setting supplement for any who bear arms. The dark lord Izrador has conquered Eredane, and one of the ways he ensures that the people remain subjugated is to ban the possession of weapons. The people of Eredane have proud warrior heritages, however, and taking away their arms and armor is tantamount to removing a limb. It is a fight they will not give up.

As elves with their deadly icewood bows, Dorns with their ancestral weapons of power, dwarves with their fine axes and armor, or even Erenlander defenders who have only their hands and feet, the heroes of Midnight all use weapons against the Shadow.

This sourcebook is appropriate for players looking for new prestige classes, feats, fighting styles, and weapons, as well as for DMs that want to focus on a more martial Midnight campaign. All of the new rules are reinforced with setting material detailing the the cultures that created the weapons or skills, round out this exciting new book. In a world where an evil demigod strives to claim the world for himself, every weapon matters.
  • Several of new warrior-focused prestige classes designed for the world of Midnight, but useful in any campaign.
  • New weapons, covenant items, and gear to help freedom fighters and minions of Shadow alike.
  • New feats and fighting options for wildlanders, fighters, barbarians, rogues, and even those dark knights and ferocious orcs that serve Izrador.