Metal, Magic And Lore Basic Player's Rulebook

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Metal Magic and Lore (MML) is a fast paced and fun role-playing game that immerses the player in a richly detailed world. This world provides a backdrop for fantastic adventures where a sense of realism puts each player in the middle of the action. The game of MML is arranged around the traditional use of a Game Master (GM) and players. The GM presents the plot, which tells a story and presides over the action. A group of three or four players and a GM is optimal. The players each assume the role of a character and then interact, i.e. role-play, as the game unfolds.

Organization of Rules: Each aspect of the game environment is addressed in the first product in the MML series - The Player s Rule Book. This volume provides all of the basic game mechanics necessary to play everything from stand-alone scenarios to an extended series of adventures. There are six chapters, each of which addresses a different aspect of the game. All related rules in subsequent game supplements are numbered similarly, making it easy for players to look up related information in a number of books and resources. Game Master s information is grouped into additional chapters.

In-depth Lore: The Player s Rule Book presents a number of races that populate the fantasy landscape. Each race has many unique cultural traits and the races interact based on their traits and tendencies. The affects of cultural identity are applied to every detail; not only preferred skills, but armor preferences, weapon craft and trade and commerce.

Realism and Speed of Combat: Since MML is a game of action and adventure, special attention is paid to combat. Weapons are organized and presented so that their use and effects become intuitive. The armor system is quite detailed, but presented to the player in an easy to read format that allows armor selection in a few short minutes. The rules are crafted to provide a realistic feel to the combat, which increases the player s excitement