Malifaux The Resurrectionists Molly Horrors (WYR2041)

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 With Molly Squidpiddge's use as a conduit for the Gorgon's Tear apparently over, Seamus has left poor Molly-girl to her own devices. Little does he realize Molly's connection to the mysterious gemstone continues, providing her with powers Seamus never imagined. Molly's ability to communicate with Malifaux's other misfit undead gives her autonomous resources outside her master's control. She hides this secret from Seamus, quietly testing his hold on her. 

Whether she realizes it or not, Molly's rebellion has begun.

32mm heroic scale high quality miniature. All miniatures supplied unpainted. May require preparation and assembly.

Miniatures included in this box set:

1x Molly Squidpiddge

1x Rogue Necromancy

3x Crooligans

Plain plastic bases