Legends & Lairs Mastercraft Anthology

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A Wide-ranging set of new options for the d20 system!

This comprehensive sourcebook collects some of the most exciting and innovative aspects of the acclaimed Legends & Lairs series into one condensed, easy-to-use, eminently affordable anthology. Inside you'll find:

  • A sampling of exotic, fully developed races from Mythic Races
  • New rules that expand your characters' options and flexibility, including combat schools and options for mounted combat
  • New prestige classes to shape your character, as well as the organizations that integrate them into your campaign world. 
  • New feats and spells for spellcasters, as well rules for improving familiars.
  • Expansions for divine casters, including casting rituals and how to design small gods and their disciples
  • A section on how to make your orcs the enemies they should be. New templates, feats, and even a prestige class, all specialty crafted for humanoid opponents. 
  • Devious and deadly trap complete with detailed mechanical illustrations from the best-selling traps & Treachery and Traps & Treachery II