LCR Card Game

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Number of Players: 3-12

Playing Time: 20 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 5+

From the Makers of the original LCR®/Left Center Right™ Dice Game, one of the best selling games of all time, comes the LCR® you know and love in a Card Game!

Featuring the same great play as the original LCR®/Left Center Right™ Dice Game, players flip over three LCR® cards that are labeled with L's, C's, R's and dots, which determine where the flipper's chips will go. The last player with chips, wins the game. It's that simple! Fast-paced, exciting and fun, it's a great game for kids to play along with adults providing hours of entertainment for the whole family. Play it... you'll love it!

LCR®/Left Center Right™ Card Game includes 110 Playing Cards, 24 playing chips and Instructions. For 3 or more players ages 5 to 105!