Karma Card Game


Social and competitive players alike will enjoy the clever nuances of the SET Enterprises Karma Card Game. Karma is an elimination game where everyone wins, except the last player holding cards. The Karma Koin card game is fast paced, fun and easy to play. When it is your turn, play a card of equal or higher value to avoid picking up the entire discard pile. Move through your cards faster by playing doubles or triples. The karma card can get you out of a jam, but be careful because what goes around comes around. This game is designed for two to six players. The pack includes a deck of 60 cards and instructions on how to play. Break out this game to spice up your next party or social gathering. Give this trendy party game to a friend as a unique gift. SET Enterprises Karma Card Game: Designed for 2-6 players Fast-paced and fun Palace card game contains 60 cards and instructions Elimination game where the last player holding cards loses Spice up your next party with this game

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