Hero System Fifth Edition The Ultimate Martial Artist

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The Ultimate Martial Artist is a comprehensive guide to martial arts from around the world - and beyond. Written and designed for use in any campaign, genre, time period, or setting, The Ultimate Martial Artist provides you with everything you need to create and play a master of the fighting arts. You can learn about and use real-world martial arts for your character, or even create your own styles and maneuvers!

The Ultimate Martial Artist includes:

- Over 150 real-world martial arts styles and variants, and dozens of finctional styles

- Over 130 different martial arts weapons

- New martial arts combat maneuvers

- Rules for creating your own martial arts maneuvers and styles

- Dozens of martial arts special abilities

- Expansions of the HERO System's hand-to-hand combat rules

- Notes for use with Champions, Fantasy Hero and all other HERO System games

- And more!