Heavy Gear Southern Milicia

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Satellite observations had picked up the task force hours ago, but the extra preparation time had done little to reassure the defenders of the small Northern outpost. They looked with apprehension at the dust cloud that was forming on the horizon, and turned their sensors toward the incoming enemy force.

Rows after rows of armored tanks and Gears were on the march, crossing the desert in a gigantic line that extended as far as the eye could see on either sides. Menacing weapons gleamed in the late afternoon sun, and the distant rumble of a thousand engines could now be heard in the distance.

The Southern MILICIA is on the move -- better hope you are not in their path.

MILICIA is an acronym which stands for MILitary Intervention/Counter-Insurgency Army. The Southern MILICIA recruits troops from all four Southern leagues; they are used to staff border outpost and perform counter-insurgency duty in the three vassal leagues. Most important, they spearhead the fighting against the South's enemies, taking the fight to protect their own across Terra Nova.

The Southern MILICIA Army List provides Heavy Gear tactical Players with all the information they need to run battles featuring the MILICIA and build their own MILICIA units. Southern land forces are covered in detail along with guidelines for building miniature armies, new tactical abilities for special units and some historical background on the MILICIA.

The Army List includes:

  • Details on over 70 standard cadre types, including 27 Gear cadres, 3 strider cadres, 24 infantry squads and 18 armored squadrons. Each squadron includes unique tactical abilities and optional vehicle modifications.
  • Rules for building your own Southern MILICIA regiment.
  • New Gear and tank variants unique to the Southern MILICIA.
  • Full details on five famous regiments, including their commanders, special squadrons and unique tactical abilities. Each regiment is ready to play.
  • Background details on the MILICIA, including strategy, medals, uniforms and standard equipment.