Heavy Gear Southern Vehicles Compendium 2 Tanks & Artillery

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Caporal Nadia Venier positioned herself at the top of the dune and removed the cap on her rifle's sight. Low-light amplification and a digital telescopic lens brought her within spitting distance of the Northern formation. This was a big advance - Aller MBTs, Klemm and Tyburr tanks, it was an impressive display. But she was interested in the vehicle protected by a squadron of Jaguar Gears. Clustered with antennae, it was a Murdock command vehicle, most likely carrying the regimental commander.

Breathing evenly, she squeezed the trigger. Instantaneously, a low-energy laser beam reached out to the vehicle and bounced back. A microchip calculated exact coordinates from the infinitesimal lag time and a backpack comm system relayed those to the unit waiting on her.

Five kilometers away, a massive Vandal artillery platform downloaded the coordinates and let loose one of its Hellbringer missiles. The hypervelocity rocket bridged the gap between attacker and target in seconds.

Caporal Venier had just slid down the back of the dune when the Hellbringer hit.

The North was about to have a bad day.

The Vehicle Compendium series showcases the most common pieces of vehicular equipment used by the armed forces of Terra Nova in the 62nd century. This second volume contains the tanks and artillery pieces originally found in the Field Guide S2 and the Tactical Field Support, along with a detailed recognition chart and ready-to-play record sheets. In all, this second volume includes:

  • Caïman and its variants (Crocodile, Support Crocodile and Alligator).
  • Elan (and its Evil Eye variant).
  • Hun (plus the Ballista, the Hittite, the Ostrogoth, the Celt and the Recon Hun).
  • Visigoth (including the Vandal, the Blitz Visigoth and the Visigoth KHAN).
  • Barnaby (and the Mother Barnaby).
  • Artemis (and its variant, the Laser Artemis).
  • Nightingale (plus the NBC Nightingale).
  • Jackrabbit (with one of its variants, the Jackrabbit B).
  • Field Artillery gun.