Heavy Gear Operation Jungle Drums Redux

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Operation: Jungle Drums was one of the very first supplements published for Heavy Gear, and it has had a marked influence on the game's development. Characters that first appeared in this book have since taken on great importance in the game's storyline, from Miranda Petite and Lussian Salban to the GREL Colonel Proust and Soldier Roskiman. The original version of this book has been out of print for many years, though, and while the characters and events in the book are well-known to longtime fans, their significance may be less clear to newcomers.


The adventure is a practical introduction to both the Heavy Gear universe and the Silhouette game system. Its mix of roleplaying episodes and tactical scenarios are great for new Players and Gamemasters, and offer a small glimpse into the various political and historic forces that have shaped Terra Nova, the planet where so much of the story takes place. Such an introduction is as useful now as when the book was first released, and so we offer Operation: Jungle Drums Redux. More than just a reprint, this new edition provides expanded information on the MILICIA's Special Intervention Unit and those members who have become recurring characters. The intricacies of jungle operations are also described in this version, making the jungles of the South a more appealing backdrop for further adventures with the SIU or other units.


This book includes:

  • Background information on the Special Intervention Unit;
  • A mixed tactical and roleplaying scenario;
  • Six ready-made characters, seven major NPCs and scores of background characters;
  • Datacards for the vehicles used in the scenario.

A copy of the Heavy Gear basic rules is required to use this book.