Greenland Saga The Lost Norse Colony

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Edge of the world!

Spring, 1454. Almost five hundred years ago, Viking colonists came to Greenland. For centuries, their colony thrived on the very edge of the known world. Then they disappeared.

In this d20 sourcebook in the spirit of Last Days Of Constantinople, a small party of 2nd through 4th level characters investigates the decline of Europe's most distant outpost. Face the bloodthirsty Uniped, mythical foe of explorer's. Meet the mysterious angakoks, Eskimo magic-users. And find out what has happened to the deluded, degenerate remnants of a once-great warrior people. A stand-alone adventure, or use its detailed background as source material for your own campaign!

d20 System compatible. For use with Dungeons & Dragons, 3rd Edition. Cover art by Lorenzo Sperlunga (Heavy Metal Magazine).