Regulator Golf

by Fox 40
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Number of Players: 4

Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 11+

For fans like you, it's all here... fun... solid, fast-
paced action with easy-to-read questions. Heck, you'll
even learn a thing or two. Your assignment is to test
your sports savvy... from knowledge, to making the
correct call for each game situation.
The ultimate Sport Rules Challenge Game - with 300
questions - pays special attention to the intricacies
of each sport. Learn the Why's, What If's, What Is, Yes
or No, True or False... all the stuff you need to know.
Experience your favourite sport from: Baseball,
Basketball, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer or Tennis.
Or, collect all games and play Super Regulator.
Also, your ever increasing sports knowledge helps
you become a better player, coach, official or fan.