Get A Life

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Number of Players: 3-8

Playing Time: 10-30 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

In Get a Life, you want to assemble either the best or worst life possible from the cards available to you — but which way you want to lean depends on the secret goal you receive at the start of the round.

Each round one player is the "contestant". Each other player receives one card in each of five categories — companion, transportation, location, occupation, accommodation — as well as a "Best" or "Worst" goal card. Players must reveal two of their five cards, then they use the "get a life" cards to acquire, steal or give away cards, all while trying to shape the "perfect" life. At round's end, the contestant judges which player has the best life and which has the worst — and if these players have the right goal cards, they take a scoring chip.

Whoever ends up with the most scoring chips after a certain number of rounds wins.