Force Of Will The Moonlit Savior Booster

by Bandai
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Enter a world where gods and demons wage war across an endless landscape. As a hero of Valhalla, you must make a pact to trade your soul for new powers, utilize unknown magics, and work to change the tides of fate. The third set in the Alice Cluster block, the Moonlit Savior booster introduces tons of new races, like Ethereal Tree, Songstress, Subjugator, and Traitor. It features additional cards for the Beast, Demon, Elf, Fairy, Fairy Tale, Goddess, Human, Myth, Twelve Apostles, and Wererabbit races. There are also reprints from the Faria, Sacred Queen and Melgis, and Flame King sets.

36 Packs Per Box

10 Cards Per Pack