Diomin Worldbook

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This core book, utilizing the d20 system from Wizards of the Coast, brings the world of Diomin into your game room. It presents the world, its unique races and cultures, as well as all of the standard d20 classes, spells, skills, and feats and how they apply to Diomin. It also showcases a new character class along with the magic system used by that class. The core book also provides assistance on running a game in Diomin and to round things out, it includes "To Save a Nation", the first chapter in our campaign, "Unto this End". It is designed for 1st - 3rd level characters and introduces the players to the world as well as starts them on the path to become heroes as they travel to the lands of the barbarous Arak in an attempt to bring a nation and its people from the edge of complete and utter annihilation.