The Dark Eye The Warring Kingdoms Nostria & Andergast

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The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria and Andergast has burned for almost two millennia.
This regional sourcebook provides detailed background information on these hostile realms in northwestern Aventuria and their combative inhabitants. Explore the hazardous Forest Wilderness, the deadly Bladegrass Steppes in the east, and the rough coasts of the Lakelands. Uncover hidden secrets of sumes (druids) and witches, and pit your heroes against new creatures, such as evil marwolds and predatory giant dragonflies.

The Warring Kingdoms includes the following.
· 11 new region-specific character professions, such as Andergastan knights, Nostrian dike builders, all-knowing serpent witches, and mysterious druids
· An example Forest Wilderness village
· Details on knightly traditions and royal tournaments
· New armor and weapons, including the famous two-handed Andergaster sword and the Nostrian longbow
· Focus rules for character traits, to give your hero a regional flair
· New special abilities, spells, rituals, and the enigmatic ancestor glyphs
· Mysteries and adventure hooks for use by the GM
· A poster map of the region, plus city maps of Andergast, Nostria, Joborn, Salta and Salterhaven, and Teshkal