Conquerors, Killers & Crooks



... a hero had better watch out! Conquerors, Killers, And Crooks is a book full of supervillains for Champions 5th Edition, containing nearly 100 villains of every type and motivation. Whether you're looking for world-threatening master villains, teams of super criminals, or solo villains for one-on-one battles with the heroes, Conquerors, Killers, And Crooks has just what you need!

Conquerors, Killers, And Crooks includes:

- six master villains, including their agents, vehicles and other resources.

- five supervillain teams, ready to battle any group of heroes

- four dozen solo villains, suitable for combining into your own teams

- characters built on a misture of point totals, from beginner to world-conqueror, with notes about how to make each one weaker or more powerful.

- plot seeds for each villain

- a summary chart that makes it easy to find just the villain you want.

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