Chainmail Miniatures Game The Ghostwind Campaign

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The Might of Stratis Lies within Your Grasp. Legend and rumor have driven a handful of warlords to the Ghostwind Plateau. There, they will battle tirelessly to gain the powers and abilities they need to seize Bonebreak, the first weapon ever wielded by the God of War. The material in this book includes:

A complete campaign system that allows warlords to gain levels and win magic items while battling through an epic story.
Access to 3rd-level spells, including classic D&D spells, such as fireball and searing light.
Fourteen new scenarios that offer fresh challenges to battle-tested players.

You must choose your allies and devise your strategies well. Only a warlord who commands a truly formidable warband will survive Ghostwind and take the first step on the path to godhood.

To use this accessory, you also need the official Chainmail miniatures game rulebook, the Blood and Darkness guidebook, and the Fire & Ice guidebook.