Chainmail Miniatures Game Blood & Darkness Set 2 Guidebook

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As the god of war died, his blood fell from the sky and burned through the earth into the lost caverns beneath. Bold warbands willing to brave the perils of this ancient place have found the remains of a mighty civilization. And something even greater. The blood of Stratis still burns hot in the deep earth. Those strong enough to claim it fight with his fury on their battlefield. Every faction has come here to claim this lost power, bolstered by new forces. The Crazed Minotaur Cultist, the Ogre Delver, the Pulverizer, the Stonechild and more, all fight to possess that which was lost. If you are to succeed in the unending darkness, you must perfect new tactics. This guidebook will begin your training. Master it, and be victorious. Time to throw down. Underground.