Blue Planet V2 Moderator's Guide

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Poseidon, 2199 AD

Prepare for a compelling journey into humanity's future on a distant planet where life is hard and dying is easy. A world where GEO Marshals enforce the peace and wired mercs patrol deep waters in deadly fighter subs. A place where corporate greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity into a war of survival with an ancient legacy.

Welcome to the world of Blue Planet

Whether you are new to the Blue Planet universe or a veteran moderator, this book contains information vital to running exciting and effective adventures on the new frontier.

Regional maps and descriptions detailing the topography and history of the most heavily colonized region on Poseidon - the Pacifica Archipelago

Key maps and detailed descriptions of more than twenty colonial, Incorporate, and native settlements

Classified information on Incorporate, GEO, and native activities on Poseidon

Dossiers on more than a dozen of the planet's most famous and infamous personalities

Biological survey data on the planet's wondrous but often-deadly indigenous lifeforms

Revealing biological and cultural information on Poseidon's aborigines