Blood Reign Of Nishanpur

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"No gift comes without a price, and those that come easiest are often the hardest to pay." - Losknek, Prince of Hell

Neroth has reclaimed his own. After a century of rule, the Dark Apostate of Canceri has relinquished his claim upon this mortal coil and passed into oblivion.  Shadows cluster among the vaults of the capital city of Nishanpur as the Nihang of the Church of the Dark Triumvirate gather to intrigue for dominance over the unquiet soul of the land.  Into this passion play of fiends and vipers enter the players, in their quest to uncover lore not meant for the eyes of mortal men, to make a choice…between unspeakable evils.

This adventure is ideal for use with the third edition of world's most popular roleplaying game.  For 4-6 players levels 5-7