Arcana Evolved Ruins Of Intrigue A Campaign Sourcebook

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The ruins of Serathis loom high in the mountains. Only recently uncovered, this ancient city draws hundreds to its shattered streets in search of treasure and adventure. Giants and dragons square off from opposite sides of the ruins. The winds of war howl in the distance. Vast wealth and terrible monsters await!

Ruins of Intrigue provides the foundation for an entire campaign using the Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved variant player's handbook. It presents Serathis, a ruined city located between territories claimed by the giants and dragons. Both factions seek to hold the city and its treasure, setting the stage for conflict. The book's adventure source material will take your characters to 10th level and beyond.

Ruins of Intrigue also contains new monsters, secret societies, organizations, and other material that reflects the city's ancient secrets. And its modular design allows all player levels and character affiliations to use this campaign-in-one-book.

This comprehensive look at an exciting new realm of adventure gives DMs the chance to start and run a campaign with ease and offers an characters the opportunity to play an important role in the Lands of the Diamond Throne.