2023 Leaf Exotic Baseball Hobby Box

Available at:

3 Cards per Box

Every Box contains Three Exotic Autographs #'d to 10 or Less!

Leaf is excited to bring the wild and exotic animal kingdom designs to its baseball product line with 2023 Leaf Exotic Baseball Hobby!

Go on the hunt for rare low print parallels with exotic as it brings back a wild array of animal prints including:
- Tiger
- Zebra
- Peacock
- Giraffe
- Snakeskin
& new patterns never seen before!

Look for players like:
- Albert Pujols
- Nolan Ryan
- Ronald Acuna Jr.
- Druw Jones
- Andruw Jones
- Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
- Fernando Tatis Jr.
- Ken Griffey Jr.
- Ken Griffey Sr.
- Frank Thomas
- Jackson Holiday
- Anthony Volpe
& many more!