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Each pack contains forty-four (44) 2012 Topps Football cards; one (1) Topps Live Code card; one (1) QB Immortals; one (1) 1965 Topps Football; one (1) Prolific Playmakers; one (1) Paramount Pairs; and one (1) Quarterback Rookie Reprints cards.


Topps football anticipates the start of the NFL season with a brand-new, beautifully designed 2012 edition featuring today's biggest stars, the highly acclaimed rookie class, multiple ON-CARD autograph inserts, and unique relic cards.

With 1 AUTOGRAPH or RELIC CARD per Hobby Box and 2 AUTOGRAPHS and 1 ROOKIE PATCH CARD per Jumbo Box, 2012 Topps Football is geared up for a Hall of Fame selection! 

- 1 Autograph or Relic card per Hobby Box
- 2 Autographs and 1 Rookie Patch per Jumbo Box.
- All Rookie images and cards will be NFL branded with updated photography and NFL team logos.
- All relics will be authentic NFL jersey memorabilia.

NEW - Quarterback Immortals!!
Celebrating the greatest QB's to ever play the game, from the gridiron heroes of the Hall of Fame to the field generals of today, with unique and incomparable designs of autograph, relic and commemorative cards!

- Base Rookie Autograph Cards!
- Quarterback Rookie Reprint Autograph Cards!
- 1965 Topps Football Rookie HARD-SIGNED Autograph Cards!
- 1984 Topps Football Rookie HARD-SIGNED Autograph Cards!

- Rookie Premier ON-CARD Auto Cards!
- HTA Rookie Patch Cards!
- NFL Player Sketch Auto Cards!
- Rookie Autographed Jumbo Patch Cards!


NFL Field Generals
Celebrating up to 20 present-day, all-star caliber quarterbacks with military-style medals for their high levels of performance. Seq #'d to 50.
Autograph Parallel: #'d 1/1

Rodgers NFL MVP Belt
Commemorating Aaron Rodger's 2011 NFL MVP season, each card will feature a commemorative NFL MVP belt. Seq #'d to 99.

Game-Winning Drives
Up to 30 of the best-known retired and veteran quarterbacks are awarded with commemorative filmstrips representing game-winning drives from their career. Seq #'d to 10.

Up to 26 retired and veteran quarterbacks are honored for their NFL MVP season performances with a commemorative die-cut MVP trophy card. Seq #'d to 50.
Autograph Parallel: #'d 1/1 - HOBBY & HTA ONLY

Quarterback Milestones
Featuring up to 50 retired and veteran quarterbacks, who have achieved career milestones for Passing Yards, Touchdowns & Wins, on a 2-sided medallion that will be die-cut to feature both the front and back.
- Bronze - #'d to 50
- Silver - #'d to 25
- Gold - #'d to 10
- Gold Autograph: #'d 1/1 HOBBY & HTA ONLY

Quarterback Immortals Plaques
Featuring up to 30 retired and Hall of Fame quarterbacks who will have their likenesses immortalized with sculpted busts depicting their heads and shoulders on bronze plaques. Seq #'d to 50.

Super Bowl MVPs
Up to 25 retired and veteran quarterbacks are celebrated for their outstanding Super Bowl-winning performances with a commemorative die-cut Super Bowl MVP Trophy card. Seq #'d to 46.
Autograph Pa rallel: #'d 1/1 - HOBBY & HTA ONLY

QB Immortals Autographs
Featuring up to 30 of the most consistent, top performing retired and Hall of Fame NFL quarterbacks. Seq #'d to 25.
- Silver Parallel - Seq #'d to 15
- Gold Parallel - Seq #'d to 10
- Platinum Parallel - #'d 1/1

QB Immortals Relics
A parallel featuring game-used relic swatches. Seq #'d to 50.
- Silver Parallel - Seq #'d to 35
- Gold Parallel - Seq #'d to 15
- Platinum (Patch) Parallel - #'d 1/1

QB Immortals
An insert card featuring the legendary quarterbacks.

Veterans - 263 cards of the most prominent NFL players.

Rookies - Topps welcomes 110 rookies to the NFL with their 1st-year cards.

All-Pros - 28 2011 First-Team All-Pros

Team Cards - 32 cards capturing the spirit and faces of every NFL team.

Offensive & Defensive Players of the Year - 2011 Offensive Player of the Year, Drew Brees, and Defensive Player of the Year, Terrell Suggs.

Rookie Premiere - Group shot of the selected 2012 NFL Players Rookie Premiere class.

Super Bowl Champions - Celebration shot of the Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants.

League MVP - 2011 NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers

Rookies of the Year - 2011 Rookies of the Year, Cam Newton and Von Miller.

Gold Parallel (440) Gold-bordered cards Seq #'d to 2012.

Black Parallel (440) Black-bordered cards Seq #'d to 57. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

BCA Parallel (440) Pink-bordered cards Seq #'d to 399.

Military Parallel (440) Military camouflage-bordered cards Seq #'d to 399.

Platinum Parallel (440) Platinum-bordered cards #'d 1/1.

Base Card Printing Plates (440) Printing plates of the base cards #'d 1/1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY


Paramount Pairs
Featuring up to 25 cards pairing retired, veteran and rookie stars for outstanding levels of play.
- Paramount Pairs Relics - Up to 15 of the above mentioned pairings featuring jersey relic swatches of each player. Seq #'d to 50.
- Paramount Pairs Autographs - Up to 20 cards of the most collectible NFL players. Seq #'d to 25.

Prolific Playmakers
Up to 50 retired, veteran and rookie subjects featuring big play, action photography.
- Prolific Play makers Autographs
- Prolific Play makers Relics
- Prolific Play makers Jumbo Relics - Up to 20 different cards. Seq #'d to 20. HOBBY & HTA ONLY
- Prolific Play makers Autograph Relics - Up to 15 different cards. Seq #'d to 50. HOBBY & HTA ONLY
- Prolific Play makers Autograph Patches - Up to 15 different cards featuring NFL player autographs and multi-colored patch swatches. #'d 1/1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY! NEW!

Quarterback Rookie Reprints
Topps Football reprints up to 30 of the best-known NFL quarterback rookie cards. New!
- QB Rookie Reprint Autographs An autographed parallel featuring NFL player autographs. Seq #'d to 25. New!
- QB Rookie Reprint Relics A relic parallel featuring authentic jersey relic swatches. Seq #d to 25. New!

1965 Topps Football
Up to 141 retired and veteran players featured on the '65 Topps Football design in non-game poses on 1.8675" x 3.5" sized cards.
1965 Topps Football Rookie Autographs Showcasing top rookie subjects with On-Card autographs. New!

Topps 1984 Rookie Autograph Cards
Up to 35 rookie subjects featured on the 1984 Topps Football design with On-Card Autographs. Seq #'d to 100. New!

Rookie Patch Cards
Up to 35 rookies featuring a multi-color patch relic. HTA ONLY - 1 PER BOX
- Rookie Autograph Patch - Up to 35 rookie autographs coupled with a multi-color patch relic. Seq #'d to 10. HOBBY & HTA ONLY
- Rookie Autographed Jumbo Patch - Up to 35 rookies featuring a jumbo patch with an ON-PATCH autograph. Seq #'d to 5. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

In the Name Relics
Cards featuring the letters and cloth backing from the nameplate of NFL player jerseys. Each card will be #'d 1/1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY
In the Name Rookie Autograph Relics
Cards featuring the letters and cloth backing from all NFL Players Rookie Premiere subjects with an autograph on each letter. Each card will be #'d 1/1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY

Base Rookie Autographs
Base rookie autograph variations of the players who attend the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere!

NFL Player Sketch Autograph Cards
Original sketches and autographs from veteran NFL players and 2012 NFL rookies. #'d 1/1. HOBBY & HTA ONLY.

NFL Players Rookie Premiere Autograph Cards - HOBBY & HTA ONLY
These cards will be created on-site at the 2012 NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere
- NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere Autographs - Up to 35 NFL Rookie players Seq #'d to 90. Rookie Premiere Autographs in RED ink Seq #'d to 10.
- NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere Dual Autographs - Up to 5 different cards with 2 NFL Rookie player signatures per card Seq#'d to 25. Rookie Premiere Dual Autographs in RED ink Seq #'d to 5.
- NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere Quad Autographs - 1 card with 4 Elite NFL Rookie signatures. Seq #'d to 10.