Worlds Of The Eternal Champion Dragon Lords Of Melnibone

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FOR TEN THOUSAND YEARS the bright empire of Melniboné ruled the world. Her soldiers were ruthless, unspeakably cruel, and skilled at arms. Powerful sorcerors, magic came easily to them, as easy as breathing. They forged eternal bonds with the aloof gods of Law and Chaos, with the hideous demons from other planes, with elemental lords who are of the world itself, and with the ancient dragons with which Melniboné enforced her might.

But wealth and age has dulled the Bright Empire, tarnished its beauty, and weakened its people. The empire rots from within. And outside, young kingdoms arise on the lands Melniboné's sons and daughters carved from the stuff of chaos. These kingdoms are ambitious, and envious of the ancient wealth of their former masters.

A pirate navy is forming, to sail against the Dreaming City of Imrryr. Its captains hope to recapture stolen riches and to bring a hated overlord to ruin.

DRAGON LORDS OF MELNIBONE provides a heroic setting for your d20 System game in a complete and detailed roleplaying world developed by Chaosium Inc. and based upon the fabulous stories written by Michael Moorcock.

The island of Melniboné and the world of the Young Kingdoms wage their eternal battle in a fully developed and extensive storyline. Ancient magic abounds. Socerous swords whisper of forgotten treasure. Spirits and demons plague the living...and a new albino emperor has taken the Ruby Throne, promising to restore the terrible heritage of Melniboné and bring the young upstarts to heel.