Who Goes There? Main Game & Expansions (Sold Separately)



  • 14+ Age
  • 3-4 Players
  • 110+ Minutes
This is the Basic Edition of the game Who Goes There?. It is a cooperative medium complexity game of growing paranoia.
Everyone plays as an uninfected human at the start of the game that tries not to become infected and taken over by the alien.

The game consists of three phases of six rounds, with the difficulty rising at each phase.

The growing paranoia is really what makes this game as cool as it is. You can't win the game alone. You have to have help from someone at every stage. Supplies are needed, bunk mates have to be (carefully) chosen, things have to be built, characters have to be developed, and none of this can take place without getting help from your fellow players. But once those vulnerable cards start moving, every time you interact with another player you are taking a chance of infection. You will be leery of taking anything from anyone.

The goal of each player, is to survive the challenges that come along, and make it onto the escape helicopter with enough points to get it off the ground.

Blair & Clark Expansion: Each character has their own unique abilities and specialty cards ready to help them. With this character pack, Who Goes There can expand to accommodate 5-6 characters. Characters are also interchangeable and can be swapped out to create different teams and add more variety to your game.

Upgrade Pack:
Contains all the pieces you need to update the 1st edition game. 

Changes in Second Edition:

  • A new Frostbite mechanic to help mitigate early player elimination.
  • Everyone now has access to keys in the storage deck or specialty decks that can help bypass a locked camp door.
  • Some of the duplicate events got revamped or replaced with new scenarios. (there's even a new event class, Dubbed “Caution Events,” that occur at the end of the round.)
  • Added a buildable host test to the storage deck.
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