Viper: Coils of the Serpent

To many people in the Champions Universe, the greatest threat to world peace and security is not Dr. Destroyer, or alien invasion, or the machinations of Mechanon — it's VIPER, a worldwide organization of highly-trained, heavily-armed criminals garbed in green and yellow. This sourcebook is your complete guide to VIPER and its resources. VIPER: Coils of the Serpent includes:

—a complete history of VIPER
—a detailed review of the organization and structure of VIPER, including its hierarchy, ranks, and divisions, plus a discussion of VIPER's presence and activities throughout the world
—over thirty types of VIPER agents, ranging from basic trainees to highly-skilled operatives such as the Draysha and the Takara-Shinja
—a discussion of VIPER's Nests (bases), with complete maps for two Nests and descriptions of many more
—VIPER technology, including weapons (with variants and options), vehicles, poisons, computers, doomsday devices, and standard agent gear
—a dozen new supervillains, from the Supreme Serpent himself to VIPER-X, including old favorites such as Oculon, Halfjack, and Ripper, plus notes for many more VIPER villains and prominent NPCs
—guidelines for using VIPER in your Champions campaign, as well as other types of games.
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