Trivial Pursuit DVD Pop Culture 2

  • 14+ Age
  • 2-4 Players

Multi-media DVD version of America's favorite trivia game, including new questions! 1,800 card questions and a DVD with 400 DVD questions. Features 6 categories: Television, Movies, Music, Sports/Games, Buzz, and Fads.

With Trivial Pursuit - DVD Pop Culture Edition 2, the world's most popular trivia game comes to life on your TV! This second edition features clips from popular TV shows, commercials, and movie scenes, as well as questions about your favorite songs, hot gossip, and popular fads. Travel around the gameboard answering the questions, then go to the DVD to answer an on-screen question to win a scoring wedge. It's everything you love about the Trivial Pursuit game combined with the topics you love to talk about - brought to life on DVD! All-new questions in 6 cool categories.
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